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SC Red Bull av Skara Brae

Date of Birth/Date de naissance: 2008-05-13
Color/Couleur: Red mackerel bicolour
Red Bull is our first male entered in our cattery. I was looking for a red with white male, and when I saw him was love at first sight. He has a wonderfull triangle, with a long profile, extra large ears perfectly placed, and a good chin. I would have preferred an extreme straight profile, instead of his normal one, but he gives a very straight profile to his kittens. A medium size body (kg.6 at 2 years of age), with very strong bonig structure, high on legs, and an amazing looong tail! He hase a super temper, very gentle sweet boy, both with cats and people. He loves his kittens and takes care of them as a mother do. His kittens are usually very big at adult age, females are up to 5.5kg, and males up to 6.7 kg. Thank you very much Sarah for this sweet beautiful boy!! Now he lives by friends of us.


SC DSM DVM Charmeur de Wood Lake

Date of Birth/Date de naissance: 2007-04-04
Color/Couleur: Red mackerel bicolour
Charmeur is technically nearly perfect. His big head shouldn't meed any presentation, anyway he has a XXL triangular head, big and large ears perfectly settled with nice linxtips on top, looooong and extra straight profile, top of the head high and rounded, the side lines of face are well straight, eyes of a light green so astonishing, almond shaped. Strong chin. His body in well balanced, muscular and strong boned (weight 6.8kg). In winter he wears a thick and long coat, a gorgeous ruff, and a coat with a correct texture, en extra bushy tail complete this marvellous picture. But beyond all these characteristics, the one I prefer on him, is his sauvage look!! Now he has been neutered for due age limits, his line is in his son Teddy Bear.


GIC Evora de Khazad Dum

Date of Birth/Date de naissance: 2009-10-12
Color/Couleur: Brown mackerel
Evora arrived home on 31st January 2010, and it has been a real pleasure watching her settling down and feeling home so rapidly withinher new family. She has an amazing sweet temper, but she is also the Alfa female inside our cattery. Her characteristics are: A perfect triangle, big and broad ears perfectly set, a long and super straight profile, which ends with a high rounded top head, straight sidelines, and a good chin, but could be a little bit stronger. Almond shaped eyes, and the final whole look is really wild. It enheace her Norwegian look the colour of her coat. The body is strong, muscular and well balanced, medium/big size (kg. 5 at 18 months of age), high on legs, the tail is proportioned, but for the moment could be a little more bushy. The coat has a good texture, the undercoat is very thick, and she has a wonderfull collarette. She doesn't like too much being in expo :-(( Special signs: (she) adores kissing my eyelashes, I do not adore it so much :-)) Now she has been neutered due to her continuous heats.


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