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Nine Worlds' Woodlake

Date of Birth/Date de naissance: 2014-03-02
Color/Couleur: Black and white
Woodlake is born in my cattery, son of Taittinger. technically his head is simply marvellous, a very high and rounded forehead, strong chin, straight profile, almond eye, big ears perfectly placed. his body is big, but he still needs to develop. His coat texture is fantastic, and during winter time, he seems a bowl of fur with 4 legs! He is the future of my breeding program.


SC DVM DSM Nine Worlds' Teddy Bear

Date of Birth/Date de naissance: 2012-03-08
Color/Couleur: Red spotted with white
Teddy Bear is the first kitten born from Isabell and Charmeur. We did not expect to keep it, but as he developed, we decided that we would not leave our house. Teddy is a cat technically very correct. A great equilateral triangle head, with good height, strong chin, large ears and perfectly placed, with beautiful tufts. Almond shaped eyes with NFO look. The body is strong, with good boning, high on legs. Long bushy tail. The coat has a great texture, and is long and thick. The character is very sweet, but stubborn when there are females around him!! He is Supreme Champion, Distinguished Variety Merit, Distinguished Show Merit. He had been enrolled once (2016) at the Scandinavian Winner and had been Nomination. He is a high quality stud!


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