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SC Red Bull av Skara Brae

Norwegian Cat
Date of Birth: 2008-05-13
Color: Red mackerel bicolour
Code EMS: NFO d 03 23
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GSDIV negative, Herpes, Calicivirus and Chlamydia negative, Fiv/Felv Negative. HCM negative test June 2011.
PKD normal June 2011

Red Bull is our first male entered in our cattery. I was looking for a red with white male, and when I saw him was love at first sight. He has a wonderfull triangle, with a long profile, extra large ears perfectly placed, and a good chin. I would have preferred an extreme straight profile, instead of his normal one, but he gives a very straight profile to his kittens. A medium size body (kg.6 at 2 years of age), with very strong bonig structure, high on legs, and an amazing looong tail! He hase a super temper, very gentle sweet boy, both with cats and people. He loves his kittens and takes care of them as a mother do. His kittens are usually very big at adult age, females are up to 5.5kg, and males up to 6.7 kg.
Thank you very much Sarah for this sweet beautiful boy!!
Now he lives by friends of us.
Date Place Judge Class Results
24-01-2009  Cinisello Balsamo (MI)  Mr. Mario Ottino  6-10 mesi  Exc1  BIV     
25-01-2009  Cinisello Balsamo (MI)  Mr. Lee Selassa  6-10 mesi  Exc1       
15-02-2009  Chilleurs aux Bois (FR) National du NorvĂ©gien Diana Neubauer  6-10 mesi  Exc2       
21-03-2009  Verona  Mr. Luigi Comorio  CAC  Exc1       
22-03-2009  Verona  Mrs. Gina Grob  CAC  Exc1  BIV  NOM   
23-05-2009  Cambiago (MI)  Mr. F. Brambilla  CAC  Exc1       
24-05-2009  Cambiago (MI)  Mrs. G. Capra  CACIB  Exc2       
20-06-2009  Besozzo (VA)  Mrs. Fanelli  CACIB  Exc1  BIV     
21-06-2009  Besozzo (VA) Pillonel  CACIB  Exc1       
28-11-2009  Menton (FR)  M.M. Kabina  CACIB  Exc1       
29-11-2009  Menton (FR)  Mr. A Jocquel  CAGCIB  Exc2       
09-01-2010  Padova  Mr. G. Mantovani  CAGCIB  Exc1       
10-01-2010  Padova  Mr. A. Kurkowsky  CAGCIB  Exc1       
16-01-2010  Locarno (CH)  Mr. L. Comorio  CAGCIB  Exc1       
17-01-2010  Locarno (CH) Zuurveld  CAGCIB  Exc1  BIV     
13-02-2010  Cannes (FR)  Mr. G. Mantovani  CAGCIB  Exc1       
14-02-2010  Cannes  Ms. S. Bernard  CAGCIB  Exc1       
09-10-2010  Milano  Mme Pillonel  CACS  Exc1  BIV  NOM   
10-10-2010  Milano  Mr. A. Kurkowski  CACS  Exc1  BIV  NOM   
16-10-2010  Lausanne (CH)  Mrs. K. Rautio  CACS  Exc1       
17-10-2010  Lausanne (CH)  Mr. Lee Selassa  CACS  Exc1       
24-10-2010  Trento  Mr. F. Brambilla  CACS  Exc1       
11-12-2010  Beausoleil (FR)  Mr.L. Coste  CACS  Exc1       
12-12-2010  Beausoleil (FR)  Mr. Luigi Comorio  CACS  Exc1       
18-12-2010  Verona  Mr. Reijers  CACS  Exc1    NOM   
19-12-2010  Verona  Mr. Romano  CACS  Exc1    NOM   

BIV: Best in Vari - NOM: Nomination al Best in Show - BIS: Best in Show - BOB: Best of Best
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